Coleen Rooney follows Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian by signing up for ‘ice’ laser hair removal in a bid to be fuzz-free (and it’s a snip at £1,000!)

Hair today, gone today is the current rage for hair removal solution. Especially in the world of glamour, there is instant solution to get rid of them and to adorn the luscious locks back again. Celebrities’ hair and skin troubles go without a hitch. But is it really that simple for a girl next door to deal with all that hairy shit or bald patches.

Coleen Rooney a columnist and an English television presenter has recently been the buzz of the Tinsel town for her Ice laser hair removal treatment at Soprano. The 30 year old wife of Manchester United and England football captain Wayne Rooney has groomed herself for a neat and tidy appearance. And if you hear the cost of that transformation, then many of you would have your popped out as it took £1,000 cash on barrelhead. Soprana claims to provide ‘long-term hair-reduction’ to unwanted hair using pain-free techniques. It professes to have a creamy celebrity clientele base that includes Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney


While Coolen Rooney’s husband-Wayne Rooning is having a rough time struggling with the traumatic ‘traction’ alopecia, it appears that she has just the opposite hair issue. Wayne Rooney has recently been was with an alarming bald patch on the scalp and a thinning hairline but her wife Coolen has reportedly splurged out a whopping amount of £1,000 on a Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment.

The Mother-of-three Coleen, who is affirmed to be worth about £15million, exhibited her eminence as a brand endorser and English television presenter. The blonde lady Coleen recently shared a post on Twitter saying that she is super ‘excited’ about beginning the expensive procedure, even at a whacking cost of £1,000 for just 6 sittings. We truly understand that a thousand Euros won’t break bank of a lady with deep pockets. Availing the opulent comfort of ice laser hair removal for “cash rich Rooney” is not something to be startled at.

Photographers recently catch the sight of splendidly beautiful Clooney in a blue skinny jeans and a navy jumper with an overlay on the shoulders, while she poses in front of a poster promoting Soprano Ice laser hair removal. With, Coleen just looked vibrant wearing a natural mineral make-up and her dark locks loosely tied into a ponytail in the image. The star Mom of 3, Clooney seems to immediately fell head over heels for Soprana and this is well documented in a glimpse of her new picture taken at the Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinic.

An exhilarating tweet exchange followed between the Liverpool-based Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinic and Coleen clearly showed her excitement for trying the modern ice laser hair removal. The Rachel Hunter beauty clinic in their tweet said-: ‘Excited for this beauty @coleen_rooney, her journey to a #hair-free, #care-free life’, to which Coolen instantly tweeted back #can’t wait”.

Conventional laser hair removal has “A-listed Celebrity followers” in abundance including Victoria Beckham, Lady gaga, Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner and many others. These glam celebs perfectly seem to be more than happy to suffer the bank balance breakage if it means velvety-smooth but the procedure holds some controversies too.

Celebrities who are thought to be a huge fan of the hair-reduction procedure have happy stories but every coin has two sides. The hair follicles are put to burn during the laser and some may run into acute pain during the process or encounter adverse after-effects occasionally including change in color of the skin. However the Soprano Ice treatment that Coleen has tried is making claims to minimize pain by cooling down the skin near the follicular edema (follicles), and implementing a less intense heat to remove pesky hair.

Conventional laser hair removal method is painful as it vigorously applies heat to burn away the follicles, which gives a burning sensation to patients with skin. But the modern ice laser hair removal is said to be no more painful than a hot stone massage as claimed by the company behind the Soprano Ice product.

For all the girls who seek to try the unique ice laser hair removal, the Upmarket salon in Liverpool is offering the’ revolutionary’ laser hair removal treatment that Coolen Rooney is experimenting. Many beauty experts have hailed this procedure to be as revolutionary as per the sources revelation. The salon has specialized “payment plans” sign up for those who wish to give a try to ‘celebrity treatments’. The salon has stated in a post that clients have declared the procedure to be ‘incredible’ as unlike traditional laser hair removal, it is free from horrible pain.

On its website, Soprano tells about how keeping skin cool and calm is the secret for ‘ice’ laser hair removal. They reveal that the product’s technology swiftly heats the targeted area while the energy driven SHR pulses cautiously warm up the follicles in the skin’s sub dermal layer. The treatment works great for women with more olive skin and Victoria Beckham and Kim are both known to be its fans.


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