Baby come back? As Kim Kardashian says she regrets having her baby hairs lasered while Kylie Jenner shows hers off, experts weigh in on what you should do with yours

There is no denial in the fact that Kim Kardashian has undergone a drastic change ever since she became the sensational queen of reality TV. She was the most searched woman in the year 2008 on Google, ousting the spectacular Britney Spears, and the streak continues to exist till now. The star Kardashian dwelling in the lap of luxury has done complete justice in creating an outstanding aura as a public figure and the credit not only goes to her contouring charm. Kim has lasered off her baby hair from the hairline a few years ago that contributed to her sculpted and neat look. The dark-haired brunette has set up a perfect example of comeliness with her chiseled face. This week Kim mentioned on her website that she once used to have dense baby hair on her hairline which she was not very enamored of and so she got them lasered off.

The adverts these days are aimed at laser, supposedly because they do wonders to make you look feather-soft and hair-free. Laser is surely permanent and potentially competent to keep you bald, bold and beautiful in the nether regions and of course wherever else you wish. Laser just can reach to the farthest, the lowest of a body zone, specifically with allusion to the underworld. Most of us may have heard the terrific stories of scarring, but the Kardashians yet again proved that laser hair removal is anytime better than the normal razor regime. Khloe’s recent bare Instagram photo gives some serious hair removal goals to all the girls. Kim Kardashian with her outlandish appearance stands out from other star figures. But is it really necessary for women to be all shaven and hairless to look appealing? Well that’s something related to choice-making.

Many experts and dermatologist says that Laser hair removal works better for dark hair, light skin tone, no go for hair around eyes. But the monotony linked to laser fails as the latest means proved the bodacious wonderland is a fair game.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner


And now she came up with acute nostalgia for days of her baby hair perhaps seeing her little sissy Kylie Jenner flaunting them like a HOTSHOT. Kylie simply being glamorous without being ostentatious just nailed at the Golden Globes party with her hair tightly pulled back into a neat high bun. Her tiny hair on the hairline made her exhibit a snazzy look at the party and people could only gaze her in astonishment and so her sister Kim. Kylie was observed to embrace her baby hairs like a babe in the arms and this is when the elder sister Kim reminiscences of her early days of a forehead full of baby hair. Kylie even made a statement that it is one her most favourite and adorable looks ever.

The 18 year old Kardashian chic-Kylie believes that baby hair looks endearing and her hairstylist Daven Mayeda who has also worked with big celebrities like Mariah Carey Shay Mitchell supports her viewpoint. Celebrity hairstylist Daven Mayeda in an interview with FEMAIL says baby hair is like a blessing in disguise. The tiny hairs not only make you look cute, girlie but all taper forehead and the temples. He even fondles with Kylie’s and other client’s frizzy baby hairs when creating styles like top knots, messy buns and more. He further adds that he just likes to experiment with the kinky baby hairs and they are his favourite.

The 36-year-old Kim Kardashian expressed her deep remorse on her website for losing out on her baby hair as her personal choice. Last week she wrote that her forehead was underlined with so many little hair that she used to annoy, and would always blow up seeing them on the edges. She thought that every photographer would anyway Photoshop them, so why not get them lasered for once and all. But the star chic regrets her decision in this point of time and miss them terribly.

Saying Hi! Or bye- bye to baby hairs is up to you. All that we want is that you do not crave like a little baby for your baby hair to be back again as is the case with megastar Kim Kardashian. Don’t expect them to come back to you soon once they are gone or lasered off. You may get few hundred dollars poorer, but oh so much silkier and smoother after erasing those nasty body hair. Many people who have gotten laser are thrilled with the results and many swear by it. So, before stepping in to the laserland, watch out for some helpful tips for embarking on your own laser journey.

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