Kim Kardashian Reveals All Her Laser Hair Removal Secrets: ‘I Had Such a Hairy Neck’

Kim Kardashian Reveals All Her Laser Hair Removal Secrets: 'I Had Such a Hairy Neck'

Do you plan to take a plunge into Laser Hair Removal? You know you would feel hairless, content and glabrous within just as we feel watching Kim Kardashian in her off late look. The lady has outrageously gone under a dire change over the past few years. She has been the talk of the town since every hellion hair from her face, forehead and neck has disappeared and people just left wondering. It is anyway good to get done a laser for hair removal than to suffer from nicks and cuts from razors, red bumps, painful ingrown hairs and that scorching itchiness. Laser for many people is like a splintering of rubber band followed by a cooling sensation.

You may think that you are amongst those few homely girls who went through a horrible phase of pouring wax to your nether regions, waxing out mustache, side-locks or tiny facial hair. But to your notice, the most famous American model and TV star Kim Kardashian was no different in her high school when she used to lie vulnerably in a cold room and scrape those hairs, fully at the mercy of her yanking skills. However as per Mrs. West (Kim Kardashian), life is not only about having a sculpted face or a smooth-shaven body. She adds that people should know that it is not always good without hair. The Kardashian girl got her baby hair lasered off a few years ago, as she felt the little baby hair on her forehead are interrupting her way to own a sassy look she wants. She had at times burst out because of her tiny hair, but later regretted losing them.


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Apparently, it was revealed by Mrs. West herself that it was not only her hairline which she got revamped but also landed in to get the neck hair altered with a laser procedure. Kim’s neck was so hairy and unshorn that she took a step further with her dermatologists and cleared off too. She also indicated that it was her choice to go under laser therapy to get rid off of her furry neck and forehead, otherwise any professional photographer would Photoshop them digitally. Her conception of looking finer and more desirable without the baby hair made her to feel a bit repentant about it when she started to miss them. She now believes that these tiny hairs adds to your youth and make you go cheer-up.

Laser these days is not even that expensive anymore; just that it costs a pretty penny than your regular waxing sessions. Also laser works wonderfully on specific body parts, but the point of consideration is whether or not you seek to have a permanent hair removal because there is no looking then after. For a star’s suggestion and experience you can check-

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Khloe Kardashian just revealed her guide to hair removal

Khloe Kardashian just revealed her guide to hair removal

Life has been too shaggy and messy even for some of the top stars, who were to go pre-laser hair removal methods. There are many famous celebrities, reality superstars and instagram mongers who present their fully edited and prettiest version to the world quoting to be naturally beautiful. But here we gotta our hands to the one who is too proud to confess that things are hairy and messy somewhere. We are talking about Khloe Kardashian, who being a heart throb of zillions proudly admits to encounter the issues linked with pesky hair. She reveals that being a proper blonde there is no need for her to do bleaching and full body waxing but she loves lasering her legs, underarms and bikini area.

For most women, hair removal has proved to be a continuous battle. Some makeover centers charge exorbitant price for hair removal and is painful too. All that cost to strip away a few hairs that are just going to grow back is not worth it and the cycle will keep continuing. We all go through it, so it is no more a taboo subject and after all the Kardashian sisters are surely doing their part of putting hair removal into the limelight.

Khloe Kardashian aged 32, in a recent Snapchat post made a boisterous disclosure across all her followers about her hair removal treatment saying- “Hair removal down for the day,” the Strong Looks Better Naked. She further added that she likes to go all bald and clean on her legs, so she got it all ripped off through laser hair removal treatment. It feels that Khloe is so fond of lasering most of her body parts, including bikini zone, inner thighs underarms and full legs. As mentiond by Khloe “It is so effortless and painless to laser than to razor each day”.

The candid star chic was always solicitous about her hygiene and so she prefers waxing over threading. She says that she do not rely on threading because of being apprehensive if someone’s saliva might go on her face!” Khloe being bizarre Khloe always makes her fans go chuckle while she shares the amusing moments of her personal life. And she just did not stop here, as continues to talk about how her sister Kylie (“my American sister from another minister”) accompanies her to take removal treatments at Sev Laser.

The recent blog post of Khloe Kardashian is literally dedicated to all the hair removal procedures she goes through to keep things silky-smooth. The popular superstar has it all to make a hair removal topic as sultry as lustrous tousled strands or slinky curves. She completely SLAYS away her bald and bold look with no hair at all. She showed her disgust on how women have to tackle with sticky wax, removal creams, razors, sugars and needles to get the hairy problems under control.

So, there you go GIRLS, Khloe’s 101 to hair removal. Not expensive at all.

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Coleen Rooney follows Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian by signing up for ‘ice’ laser hair removal in a bid to be fuzz-free (and it’s a snip at £1,000!)

Coleen Rooney follows Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian by signing up for 'ice' laser hair removal in a bid to be fuzz-free (and it's a snip at £1,000!)

Hair today, gone today is the current rage for hair removal solution. Especially in the world of glamour, there is instant solution to get rid of them and to adorn the luscious locks back again. Celebrities’ hair and skin troubles go without a hitch. But is it really that simple for a girl next door to deal with all that hairy shit or bald patches.

Coleen Rooney a columnist and an English television presenter has recently been the buzz of the Tinsel town for her Ice laser hair removal treatment at Soprano. The 30 year old wife of Manchester United and England football captain Wayne Rooney has groomed herself for a neat and tidy appearance. And if you hear the cost of that transformation, then many of you would have your popped out as it took £1,000 cash on barrelhead. Soprana claims to provide ‘long-term hair-reduction’ to unwanted hair using pain-free techniques. It professes to have a creamy celebrity clientele base that includes Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney


While Coolen Rooney’s husband-Wayne Rooning is having a rough time struggling with the traumatic ‘traction’ alopecia, it appears that she has just the opposite hair issue. Wayne Rooney has recently been was with an alarming bald patch on the scalp and a thinning hairline but her wife Coolen has reportedly splurged out a whopping amount of £1,000 on a Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment.

The Mother-of-three Coleen, who is affirmed to be worth about £15million, exhibited her eminence as a brand endorser and English television presenter. The blonde lady Coleen recently shared a post on Twitter saying that she is super ‘excited’ about beginning the expensive procedure, even at a whacking cost of £1,000 for just 6 sittings. We truly understand that a thousand Euros won’t break bank of a lady with deep pockets. Availing the opulent comfort of ice laser hair removal for “cash rich Rooney” is not something to be startled at.

Photographers recently catch the sight of splendidly beautiful Clooney in a blue skinny jeans and a navy jumper with an overlay on the shoulders, while she poses in front of a poster promoting Soprano Ice laser hair removal. With, Coleen just looked vibrant wearing a natural mineral make-up and her dark locks loosely tied into a ponytail in the image. The star Mom of 3, Clooney seems to immediately fell head over heels for Soprana and this is well documented in a glimpse of her new picture taken at the Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinic.

An exhilarating tweet exchange followed between the Liverpool-based Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinic and Coleen clearly showed her excitement for trying the modern ice laser hair removal. The Rachel Hunter beauty clinic in their tweet said-: ‘Excited for this beauty @coleen_rooney, her journey to a #hair-free, #care-free life’, to which Coolen instantly tweeted back #can’t wait”.

Conventional laser hair removal has “A-listed Celebrity followers” in abundance including Victoria Beckham, Lady gaga, Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner and many others. These glam celebs perfectly seem to be more than happy to suffer the bank balance breakage if it means velvety-smooth but the procedure holds some controversies too.

Celebrities who are thought to be a huge fan of the hair-reduction procedure have happy stories but every coin has two sides. The hair follicles are put to burn during the laser and some may run into acute pain during the process or encounter adverse after-effects occasionally including change in color of the skin. However the Soprano Ice treatment that Coleen has tried is making claims to minimize pain by cooling down the skin near the follicular edema (follicles), and implementing a less intense heat to remove pesky hair.

Conventional laser hair removal method is painful as it vigorously applies heat to burn away the follicles, which gives a burning sensation to patients with skin. But the modern ice laser hair removal is said to be no more painful than a hot stone massage as claimed by the company behind the Soprano Ice product.

For all the girls who seek to try the unique ice laser hair removal, the Upmarket salon in Liverpool is offering the’ revolutionary’ laser hair removal treatment that Coolen Rooney is experimenting. Many beauty experts have hailed this procedure to be as revolutionary as per the sources revelation. The salon has specialized “payment plans” sign up for those who wish to give a try to ‘celebrity treatments’. The salon has stated in a post that clients have declared the procedure to be ‘incredible’ as unlike traditional laser hair removal, it is free from horrible pain.

On its website, Soprano tells about how keeping skin cool and calm is the secret for ‘ice’ laser hair removal. They reveal that the product’s technology swiftly heats the targeted area while the energy driven SHR pulses cautiously warm up the follicles in the skin’s sub dermal layer. The treatment works great for women with more olive skin and Victoria Beckham and Kim are both known to be its fans.


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Baby come back? As Kim Kardashian says she regrets having her baby hairs lasered while Kylie Jenner shows hers off, experts weigh in on what you should do with yours

Kim Kardashian says she regrets having her baby hairs lasered Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

There is no denial in the fact that Kim Kardashian has undergone a drastic change ever since she became the sensational queen of reality TV. She was the most searched woman in the year 2008 on Google, ousting the spectacular Britney Spears, and the streak continues to exist till now. The star Kardashian dwelling in the lap of luxury has done complete justice in creating an outstanding aura as a public figure and the credit not only goes to her contouring charm. Kim has lasered off her baby hair from the hairline a few years ago that contributed to her sculpted and neat look. The dark-haired brunette has set up a perfect example of comeliness with her chiseled face. This week Kim mentioned on her website that she once used to have dense baby hair on her hairline which she was not very enamored of and so she got them lasered off.

The adverts these days are aimed at laser, supposedly because they do wonders to make you look feather-soft and hair-free. Laser is surely permanent and potentially competent to keep you bald, bold and beautiful in the nether regions and of course wherever else you wish. Laser just can reach to the farthest, the lowest of a body zone, specifically with allusion to the underworld. Most of us may have heard the terrific stories of scarring, but the Kardashians yet again proved that laser hair removal is anytime better than the normal razor regime. Khloe’s recent bare Instagram photo gives some serious hair removal goals to all the girls. Kim Kardashian with her outlandish appearance stands out from other star figures. But is it really necessary for women to be all shaven and hairless to look appealing? Well that’s something related to choice-making.

Many experts and dermatologist says that Laser hair removal works better for dark hair, light skin tone, no go for hair around eyes. But the monotony linked to laser fails as the latest means proved the bodacious wonderland is a fair game.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner


And now she came up with acute nostalgia for days of her baby hair perhaps seeing her little sissy Kylie Jenner flaunting them like a HOTSHOT. Kylie simply being glamorous without being ostentatious just nailed at the Golden Globes party with her hair tightly pulled back into a neat high bun. Her tiny hair on the hairline made her exhibit a snazzy look at the party and people could only gaze her in astonishment and so her sister Kim. Kylie was observed to embrace her baby hairs like a babe in the arms and this is when the elder sister Kim reminiscences of her early days of a forehead full of baby hair. Kylie even made a statement that it is one her most favourite and adorable looks ever.

The 18 year old Kardashian chic-Kylie believes that baby hair looks endearing and her hairstylist Daven Mayeda who has also worked with big celebrities like Mariah Carey Shay Mitchell supports her viewpoint. Celebrity hairstylist Daven Mayeda in an interview with FEMAIL says baby hair is like a blessing in disguise. The tiny hairs not only make you look cute, girlie but all taper forehead and the temples. He even fondles with Kylie’s and other client’s frizzy baby hairs when creating styles like top knots, messy buns and more. He further adds that he just likes to experiment with the kinky baby hairs and they are his favourite.

The 36-year-old Kim Kardashian expressed her deep remorse on her website for losing out on her baby hair as her personal choice. Last week she wrote that her forehead was underlined with so many little hair that she used to annoy, and would always blow up seeing them on the edges. She thought that every photographer would anyway Photoshop them, so why not get them lasered for once and all. But the star chic regrets her decision in this point of time and miss them terribly.

Saying Hi! Or bye- bye to baby hairs is up to you. All that we want is that you do not crave like a little baby for your baby hair to be back again as is the case with megastar Kim Kardashian. Don’t expect them to come back to you soon once they are gone or lasered off. You may get few hundred dollars poorer, but oh so much silkier and smoother after erasing those nasty body hair. Many people who have gotten laser are thrilled with the results and many swear by it. So, before stepping in to the laserland, watch out for some helpful tips for embarking on your own laser journey.

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13 Times the Kardashians Have Proved They Despise Body Hair

13 Times the Kardashians Have Proved They Despise Body Hair

Hair- Hair everywhere! Yes you heard it right and here we are going to just talk about hair, either it’s about caressing them, shunning them or just discussing them. We understand that there are still whole lots of people who are too reluctant to talk about hair removal processes publicly. The butt obvious is that it feels embarrassed. But the kardashians-Jenners have taken the internet world by storm. They are not leaving any loops to upgrade the fans with fashionable hair removal treatments and cracking it up all over the social media.

“Kardashians you slay us, you really do”.

Kendall, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney and especially the always-outspoken Khloe Kardashian in an effort to break down the ineffable body hair removal thesis, have come forth to vocalize their experiences live with the fans and haters too. The Kardashian girls have brought the magic of contouring and cut-outs into spotlight and they are the sole reason behind collapsing the wall of shame for body hair. Kim Kardashian is clearly heard saying in an interview that she has the hairiest forehead that most people would in fact fail to visualize seeing the latest HER. If you Google Kim Kardashian’s image of 2008-2009, you would clear spot the difference. The popular reality TV star and mother of two is not at all hesitant about bringing her laser treatments in open and accedes to wax off her plentiful hair by herself while she was young.


Khloe Kardashian

As per a post, Kourtney seemingly gave her sister Khloe a bikini wax on her chaise lounge and Kylie Snapchat her upper lip wax. She backed her Snapchat action stating that people should be courageous enough to tell their groomer what they exactly want and I do this all the time. Not only has she talked about her craziest hairline, but also of her shaving under shower. Her younger sister Khloe went on to declare how she used laser treatment to beautify her bikini zone, under arms and legs. She also mentioned that her urge to shave off instigated when she was only 7 and saw Kim razing her legs under the shower. Robert Kardashian, allegedly got his chest waxed and is seen spotting the hunk look while Kendall shaving her legs in rear car seat for fashion week. Isn’t this too cool for the HOT Kardashians?

There always comes a season of shorts in every girl’s life when she plunders into stealing her mother’s trimmer and get the nasty hair ripped off. Unfortunately this is not a permanent solution and the hair keeps getting brittle in sequential growth. Thankfully, we have the Kardashians furiously trending over the social sites. The sexy lads get feisty saying that they laser, they shave, they wax, they bleach and they just do it. They spoke about body hair upfront and suggest laser treatment to deal with the issue conveniently.

Bare and bald is undoubtedly the passing fancy of the times and the credit goes to the one and only Kardashians.

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