13 Times the Kardashians Have Proved They Despise Body Hair

Hair- Hair everywhere! Yes you heard it right and here we are going to just talk about hair, either it’s about caressing them, shunning them or just discussing them. We understand that there are still whole lots of people who are too reluctant to talk about hair removal processes publicly. The butt obvious is that it feels embarrassed. But the kardashians-Jenners have taken the internet world by storm. They are not leaving any loops to upgrade the fans with fashionable hair removal treatments and cracking it up all over the social media.

“Kardashians you slay us, you really do”.

Kendall, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney and especially the always-outspoken Khloe Kardashian in an effort to break down the ineffable body hair removal thesis, have come forth to vocalize their experiences live with the fans and haters too. The Kardashian girls have brought the magic of contouring and cut-outs into spotlight and they are the sole reason behind collapsing the wall of shame for body hair. Kim Kardashian is clearly heard saying in an interview that she has the hairiest forehead that most people would in fact fail to visualize seeing the latest HER. If you Google Kim Kardashian’s image of 2008-2009, you would clear spot the difference. The popular reality TV star and mother of two is not at all hesitant about bringing her laser treatments in open and accedes to wax off her plentiful hair by herself while she was young.


Khloe Kardashian

As per a post, Kourtney seemingly gave her sister Khloe a bikini wax on her chaise lounge and Kylie Snapchat her upper lip wax. She backed her Snapchat action stating that people should be courageous enough to tell their groomer what they exactly want and I do this all the time. Not only has she talked about her craziest hairline, but also of her shaving under shower. Her younger sister Khloe went on to declare how she used laser treatment to beautify her bikini zone, under arms and legs. She also mentioned that her urge to shave off instigated when she was only 7 and saw Kim razing her legs under the shower. Robert Kardashian, allegedly got his chest waxed and is seen spotting the hunk look while Kendall shaving her legs in rear car seat for fashion week. Isn’t this too cool for the HOT Kardashians?

There always comes a season of shorts in every girl’s life when she plunders into stealing her mother’s trimmer and get the nasty hair ripped off. Unfortunately this is not a permanent solution and the hair keeps getting brittle in sequential growth. Thankfully, we have the Kardashians furiously trending over the social sites. The sexy lads get feisty saying that they laser, they shave, they wax, they bleach and they just do it. They spoke about body hair upfront and suggest laser treatment to deal with the issue conveniently.

Bare and bald is undoubtedly the passing fancy of the times and the credit goes to the one and only Kardashians.

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